It’s Birthday Time (Post Mortem)

Dad and Grandpa

Happy Birthday Dad!! You were the best father I could have ever had…I remember the words of wisdom you lived by:

Be courteous, find a need a fill it, hustle, and always be yourself.

All duded up at nine years old.

He grew into a man and became a loving father.

Taught us to take calculated risks.

He came from generations of working men who influenced his work ethic.

Five generations of wisdom, courage and backbone.

He had a sister who was 12 years younger and he didn’t get to know her until much later in life.

Aunt Janice and Dad

My grandfather and great uncle who were two of dad’s greatest influences.

My grandfather and his brother, two of dad’s greatest influences.

He fought in WWll. He was a hero who fought for his country.

P 47 Thunderbolt Pilot. WWll

He was my dad and I will never forget him.

My hero, father, and best friend. My dad.

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